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Yeliseevsky store to be re-developed?

In 1824-29, it was home to Grand Duchess Zinaida Volkonskaya, who hosted a brilliant literary/musical salon, frequented by some outstanding personalities. Pushkin often visited the building.

Now, Moscow's answer to Harrods' food hall, the Yeliseevsky store on Tverskaya has a new owner that proposes to transform the site with some ambitious project. 

The ornately decorated store adorned with chandeliers reverted to its pre-revolutionary name in the 1990's. In communist times, it was officially, if not imaginatvely, named Gastronom No'1 although Muscovites privately referred to it as Yeliseevsky's.

Almost every Muscovite has his own, often very personal, memories associated with the Yeliseevsky grocery, but the new owner has plans that include building "a large retail complex in place of the grocery". The plans include a regular retail mall stretching from Tverskaya to Bolshaya Dmitrovka and is allegedly being considered by City Hall. 


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